Geek Heaven: Goku vs. Superman (No, For Real)

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This video just reawakened my inner nerd. As a kid, I watched every episode of Dragonball Z I could get my filthy little hands on. The epic fights, the magical blonde Super Saiyan hair, the energy oras and levels. The long, drawn out expressions that took up half the episode. God, it was truly awesome. I don’t know anyone my age that isn’t familiar with the anime series.

Then. there’s Supes. The God of the comic book world. The prototype that can’t and won’t be improved. I mean, the guy is sheer perfection down to the curl. Initially, I saw Superman the same as a lot of other comic book heads who chose to spend their time on other heroes because he was just too omnipotent. Where’s the excitement when you know for a fact Superman is going to win every time? But, in actuality, Superman is more than an crime-fighting alien. He’s a symbol of equality, justice, and peace. Everything else was just a bonus.

But, the question was always who would win in a fight, Goku or Superman? I thought I knew the answer. Boy was I wrong! I stumbled upon this YouTube video and it enlightened me on all things related to these two mega warriors. I just had to share. Weigh in on this clash of the titans and tell me what you think.


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