Animated 2Pac Interview

The single most influential and captivating Hip-Hop artist of our time, Tupac Shakur has left a legacy that still overshadows the musical landscape. Blank on Blank brought a new angle to the man’s words by animating a very honest interview with the deceased artist. As a fan, I’ve heard damn near every interview the man has done in his career. But, I must say the images add shade to his words, casting new meaning and emotion to his offerings. Nice little video. Enjoy.

Courtesy of Blank on Blank & WorldStarHipHop.


Familiar Strangers

My heart’s wallpaper

The reason I smile

The reason I rise

Innocent true love.


Hands clasped together

Holding the moment

Afraid of its end




Circumstances change

People grow apart

The love dissipates.


Memories live on

The wounds start to heal


Someone fills your shoes


Then it all comes back

In that sweet embrace

As you pass me by

Not saying a word. 

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